This is the website for Lincoln’s School Building Project – a comprehensive, up-to-date resource for all aspects of our school’s future development. This will be an exceptionally important year, and we welcome questions, feedback and community involvement every step of the way. Please subscribe to receive regular updates!
Lincoln School Project Community Workshops: Tuesday, January 23rd, 8am & 7pm, Brooks/Reed Gym
Community Center Community Workshops:  Tuesday, January 30th, 8am & 7pm, Hartwell Pod B
Concepts for the Lincoln School project presented at the January 10, 2018 SBC meeting.
Renovation Concepts presented at the December 13th SBC meeting.
Cost estimates for the concepts presented at the January 10th SBC meeting.

Honoring our History...

Ballfield Road

“In 1932…an anonymous Lincoln resident generously donated to the Town about 7.25 acres to be used as a Town Ball field. Costs to prepare the field and an access road were estimated at $4950, but all but $1000 of those expenses were also donated by residents. Lincoln was a baseball town. That same year, the […]

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Building our Future...

Congrats, Pats! — Celebrate the win, then join the SBC on Tuesday!

Fast forward…It’s June 9, 2018, and you have dutifully arrived at the Special Town Meeting…What are you being asked to decide?…And how does that relate to the January 23rd Community Workshops? THE BIG PICTURE On June 9th, we will come together to answer two questions: Do we want to build a mostly-new, more compact school, […]

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Framing the Cost-Benefit Analysis: Multi-Board Meeting Recap

On January 9th, the Board of Selectmen hosted a multi-board meeting to talk about how to set the context for decisions about the Lincoln School project and a community center project. The ultimate goal is to make well-informed, rational, and forward-thinking decisions that benefit the town and hold up under future scrutiny. Doing so requires that […]

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