This is the website for Lincoln’s School Building Project – a comprehensive, up-to-date resource for all aspects of our school’s future development. This will be an exceptionally important year, and we welcome questions, feedback and community involvement every step of the way. Please subscribe to receive regular updates. And be sure to mark your calendars for the second Community Workshop on October 17th!

October 17th Community Workshops

Architectural Design and Educational Vision
Two Sessions:  8am and 7pm, Brooks Gym

Honoring our History...

Ballfield Road

“In 1932…an anonymous Lincoln resident generously donated to the Town about 7.25 acres to be used as a Town Ball field. Costs to prepare the field and an access road were estimated at $4950, but all but $1000 of those expenses were also donated by residents. Lincoln was a baseball town. That same year, the […]

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Building our Future...

How Spaces Impact Learning

  Provide high quality education. Create an engaging and inspiring approach to learning. Encourage interactive, multi-disciplinary, project-based learning modes; foster curiosity. Value diversity; display creativity. Provide a variety of learning spaces. Value reflection. Optimize connection to the natural environment.  Host community events and promote partnerships with the community. These are some of the priorities articulated […]

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The Ultimate Group Project

What makes a group project successful?  Our students can tell you that group work is most productive and exciting when innovation and inclusion are valued, and when members come with ideas, specific knowledge, and a willingness to ask probing questions. As a community, we are engaged in just such a process! How Can a Building […]

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Videos and Photos

Workshop Videos

Video: October 3rd Evening Workshop Video: June 14th SBC Kickoff Meeting