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And away they go!*

Modular units ready to leave the Lincoln School campus. Photo by Peter von Mertens.

Remember how excited we were to see the temporary school being built? We are now just as thrilled to see it being deconstructed! One by one, the modular units are being prepared for transport to their new home at the Nauset Regional High School. It will take a couple of weeks to remove the temporary school, the concrete footings, and the parking lot. After that, reconstruction of the field can begin.

Nauset High School construction site. Photo by Clay Reaser.

Also, at this week’s meeting, we learned:

  • Installation of playground equipment will begin soon!
  • The racks that support the PV panels on the roof are being installed. Work began on top of the Middle School (Reed) Gym and will progress along the building.
  • Concrete and paving work continues on the Commons courtyard, main entrance, and walkways.
  • Interior finishes are well underway, and final clean-up is starting at the preK/Kindergarten end of the building.

The link to the meeting presentation is here, and more photos have been added to the July gallery.

*Our thanks to Peter von Mertens for the title of the blog post!


  • This is a great example of reuse! Kudos to Lincoln and Nauset. How did Nauset learn about the availability of the modulars and purchase option, e.g., was it just an informal conversation, or is there an online resource for modular re-sale opportunities? Would be great info. for other districts.

    • Nauset learned about it through our project team. This is the second re-use. Prior to being on the Lincoln School campus, the units were used while the Hanscom Primary and Middle Schools were built.

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