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Community Forum March 18th – Special Town Meeting March 28th


WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18, 7:30PM:  COMMUNITY FORUM, Hartwell Multipurpose Room

SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 9:30AM:  SPECIAL TOWN MEETING, Donaldson Auditorium

In the wake of the February 12 meeting when the SBC had to cut $3.5M of scope out of the project to keep it on time and on budget, the SBC voted to pursue funding for the restoration of key project elements totaling about $2M.  

This vote launched a round of communication with the School Committee, Board of Selectmen and the Finance Committee to request, and plan, for a Special Town Meeting to be held on the same day as the Annual Town Meeting (March 28).  

When is the Special Town Meeting?

The same day as the Annual Town Meeting:  Saturday, March 28, 2020 at 9:30am.

Why is the Special Town Meeting on the same day as the Annual Town Meeting?

The warrant closed on January 26, and the only way to consider a new item is to call a Special Town Meeting.  On February 24, at the request of the School Committee, the Board of Selectmen voted to call a Special Town Meeting for the purpose of considering additional capital requests for the Lincoln School building project. The Annual Town Meeting will begin as soon as the Special Town Meeting has ended.

What is being decided at the Special Town Meeting?

Residents will consider approving items that the SBC has prioritized.  About $2M in additional funds is required to reinstate all the prioritized features of the school project that had to be eliminated to close the gap between the final estimates and the actual construction bids. The SBC is exploring options that use existing Free Cash and/or Stabilization funds.

What are we voting on?

  1. About $2M of priority items (see below) related to the educational program, quality of the interior and exterior environment, community use of the building and the campus, and the long-term value of our investment. The SBC and the Finance Committee are discussing whether this request will come forward as one or more motions.  The SBC will be meeting on March 17th and will update the community as soon as information is finalized.
  2. Funds from the Cable Revolving Fund to be used for technology upgrades in the Auditorium (note: This is not a new request.  Originally this was on the Annual Town Meeting warrant.  It has been moved to the STM to keep all project-related items together.)

Why is the Special Town Meeting Important?

These are high-priority items that had to be cut from the project to stay on time and on budget.  If the community wants them to be added back into the project, residents must vote to fund them at the Special Town Meeting.  Our contractor, Consigli, needs to know exactly which items are part of the project in order to execute final contracts. 

To learn more about what’s on the list and why the bids came in over budget, read more at and


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