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Community Survey Results

This summer, the School Building Committee (SBC) asked residents to complete a survey entitled “Shaping our Town’s Evaluation Criteria.”  Below are the questions, and a summary of the 364 responses we received:

  • We should maintain the current L shaped footprint of school.
    • 21% strongly agree/agree; 64% neutral; 15% disagree/strongly disagree
  • We should take a “blank slate” approach to the design.
    • 65% strongly agree/agree; 20% neutral; 15% disagree/strongly disagree
  • We should consider all new construction.
    • 59% strongly agree/agree; 21% neutral, 20% disagree/strongly disagree
  • Primary focus of the project is a design that focuses on our educational vision.
    • 83% strongly agree/agree; 12% neutral, 5% disagree/strongly disagree
  • Primary focus of the project is to make repairs and meet code.
    • 34% strongly agree/agree; 16% neutral; 50% disagree/strongly disagree
  • The project should reach high energy efficiency standards.
    • 81% strongly agree/agree; 13% neutral, 6% disagree/strongly disagree
  • Adding additional recreation fields is important.
    • 48% strongly agree/agree; 38% neutral, 14% disagree/strongly disagree
  • Building safety and security are a primary consideration.
    • 66% strongly agree/agree; 26% neutral; 8% disagree/strongly disagree
  • We need to minimize construction time.
    • 39% strongly agree/agree; 42% neutral, 19% disagree/strongly disagree
  • When people were asked to rank the above criteria in order of importance, the most important criteria were: 1) a building that supports the educational vision; 2) energy efficiency; and 3) building safety and security.

Thank you again to everyone who completed the survey!  We’ve heard your feedback.


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