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Congrats, Pats! — Celebrate the win, then join the SBC on Tuesday!

Fast forward…It’s June 9, 2018, and you have dutifully arrived at the Special Town Meeting…What are you being asked to decide?…And how does that relate to the January 23rd Community Workshops?


On June 9th, we will come together to answer two questions:

  1. Do we want to build a mostly-new, more compact school, OR do we want to keep and renovate the current building?
  2. If we keep the current building, which level of renovation & cost provides the best value for our investment?

Once we have chosen a concept and a budget, the focus on design will begin.


  1. We will examine, question, and evaluate a full range of project concepts from repair to a mostly-new school. You can see a preview of the concepts here and current cost estimates here.
  2. The Finance Committee will provide a high-level overview of updated financial parameters.
  3. You will be asked to weigh in on which concepts you find most and least promising—this will help the SBC and design team focus their work.


  1. Although the drawings may look precise, we are still at a conceptual level. Site plans, the look of the building, etc. will come later.
  2. At this stage, cost estimates include multiple layers of contingencies.  The numbers will change as concepts are refined. The estimates give us an order of magnitude for each concept.
  3. Additional analysis and refinement of the baseline repair concept is underway, so that we know we have a firm understanding of the minimum investment required.
  4. The design team is working with sustainability expert, Bill Maclay, to analyze the energy and lifetime sustainability impacts of each concept.
  5. The graphic below provides a framework for evaluating our choices.
  6. We will continue to be transparent and inclusive in our process – please contact us with your thoughts.

SESSION #1:  8am – 10am, Reed/Brooks Gym

SESSION #2:  7pm – 9pm, Reed/Brooks Gym




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