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Useful Definitions

There are 6 phases of a building project. The Lincoln School project is currently in the “Construction Documents” phase.

Construction Costs = Materials + Labor utilized in the renovation/construction of a building.

Total Project Costs  = Construction Costs + Architectural and Engineering Fees + other Professional Fees + Fixtures, Furniture & Equipment + contingencies.

The total project cost of the project, as approved by Town Meeting and a ballot vote in December 2018, is $93.9M.

Cost/SF = Total Project Cost divided by # of square feet in the building.

A building is Net Zero if it is does not use fossil fuels and on-site energy generation (i.e. photovoltaic panels (PV), wind turbines) offsets the amount of electricity used. The renovated school will use all-electric systems for heating, cooling, cooking etc. There will be a natural gas generator for emergency use.

EUI = Energy Use Intensity. It is the total amount of energy consumed by the building divided by the total number of square feet. The current building has an EUI of about 65. The renovated building will have and EUI of around 23, which is considered excellent in New England. Achieving this EUI and adding PV panels to the building and over the parking lots will make the school Net Zero.

Where will students be during the project?

  • The current 3rd grade will start middle school (grade 5) in the renovated Brooks end of the building.
  • Somewhere between the ages of 1 and 4! Students who will be ready for Kindergarten (or starting preschool in the Lincoln Public Schools) in the Fall of 2022 will spend their entire time in the newly-renovated school!


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