General Project Questions

General Project Questions

[lsvr_content_box]The Lincoln School Committee appointed the School Building Committee (SBC) in March 2017. The SBC developed project options which were brought to a community vote on June 9, 2018.  Project funding was approved in December 2018.  The SBC continues to work with the Owner’s Project Manager (Daedalus) and the Design Team (SMMA & EwingCole) to finalize the plans. Consigli is now on board as the Construction Manager, and will execute the project.[/lsvr_content_box]
[lsvr_content_box]No. After a failed Town vote on a proposed project in 2012, the Town was out of the state funding pipeline. The Town re-applied for state funding from the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) in 2013, 2015, and 2016, but was not one of the towns chosen. Based on the needs of the school, the criteria the MSBA uses to determine need, and the statewide demand for funding, the School Committee recommended at the 2017 Annual Town Meeting that the Town move forward with a project without MSBA funding.[/lsvr_content_box]
[lsvr_content_box]September – November 2017:  SMMA and the SBC gathered information from community members, parents, faculty, administrators, and students about what is required to meet current and future educational and community needs.

November 2017 – June 2018:  SMMA developed a range of project concepts ranging from “responsible repair” to (almost) all-new construction.  The baseline project will be a “responsible repair” of the existing facility. Other concepts may combine renovation and new construction, and some concepts may consider all new construction.

June 2018:  Town voted to determine: 1) the shape of the school; 2) the educational value of the project; 3) the school’s location on the campus; 4) the number of floors it would have; 5)sustainability goals; and 6) a total project budget.  The Town voted to move forward with option “L3” a 75% renovation/25% new construction option that met both educational and sustainability goals. Total project budget $93.9M.

December 2018:  The Town voted to bond the project.

July 2019: The “Enabling Phase” begins – site preparations begin for the temporary classrooms. Expected completion by Fall 2022!


[lsvr_content_box]ALL meetings of Town boards and committees are open to the public. Agendas and meeting minutes are posted on the Lincoln School, SBC, and Town websites.

SBC meetings are available live on local access cable TV.  Past meetings can be watched on demand at[/lsvr_content_box]

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