• What is the purpose of the School Building Committee?

    Based on the votes taken at the March 2017 Annual Town Meeting, the Lincoln School Committee appointed the School Building Committee. The SBC is working with the community and a design team (SMMA) to plan and execute a Lincoln School building project.

  • Why are we considering a Lincoln School Project?

    No significant work has been done on the Lincoln School since 1994.  Major systems are in need of repair or replacement, and the building does not fully support the District’s educational vision.  Numerous studies over the past 15 years have concluded that the most fiscally and educationally responsible way to address the deficiencies is with a single project.  As outlined at the 2017 Annual Town Meeting last March, a “responsible repair” project will require a minimum Town investment of $30 million.  The voters at Town Meeting virtually unanimously approved the formation of the SBC and the use of up to $750K for a feasibility study to develop a project.  This money had been previously appropriated in 2015.

  • Are we getting state funding?

    No. After a failed Town vote on a proposed project in 2012, the Town was out of the state funding pipeline. The Town re-applied for state funding from the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) in 2013, 2015, and 2016, but was not one of the towns chosen. Based on the needs of the school, the criteria the MSBA uses to determine need, and the statewide demand for funding, the School Committee recommended at the 2017 Annual Town Meeting that the Town move forward with a project without MSBA funding.

  • What is the timeline?

    September – November 2017:  The Lincoln School is a community facility.  SMMA and the SBC will gather specific information from community members, parents, faculty, administrators, and students about what is required to meet current and future educational and community needs.

    November 2017 – January 2018:  SMMA will develop a range of project concepts.  The baseline project will be a “responsible repair” of the existing facility. Other concepts may combine renovation and new construction, and some concepts may consider all new construction.

    January 2018 – May 2018:  SMMA, the SBC, and the community work together to select and refine a small number of project concepts to bring forward for a Town-wide VOTE at a Special Town Meeting.

    June 2018:  VOTE to choose a project.  This vote will determine: 1) the shape of the school; 2) the educational value of the project; 3) the school’s location on the campus; 4) the number of floors it will have; 5) the energy-efficiency and sustainability of the building; and 6) a total project budget.

    June 2018 – November 2018:  SMMA develops the plans and detailed cost estimates for the chosen project (schematic design phase).

    November 2018:  VOTE to BOND the project. This requires BOTH a 2/3 majority vote by a Special Town Meeting, AND a majority ballot vote.

  • What do I need to do? Does my participation matter?

    1. Sign up to get updates:  Visit the Home Page to sign up. (left hand side)
    2. Participate in the community workshops:  To build Town consensus, all voices need to be involved in setting the priorities and weighing the choices.  Can’t make one of them?  Watch workshop videos here. AND Give us your feedback or ask us a question.
    3. Come to the Special Town Meetings in June and November 2018 to VOTE (Dates will be announced as soon as they are set).

    YES! Your participation matters – the SBC has already incorporated input and guidance from community members into its work. Your participation is needed and desired!

  • What about the Community Center? Are you working with that committee?

    Based on the vote taken at the March 2017 Annual Town Meeting, the Board of Selectmen appointed the Community Center Planning & Preliminary Design Committee (Learn more about the PPDC). The PPDC will work with the community and a designer to develop project concepts for a community center on the Ballfield campus.  It will be working on the same timeline as the SBC through June 2018, so that the Town will be able to make decisions about a holistic approach to planning for the current and future needs of the campus. Three members each from the SBC and the PPDC have been appointed to meet regularly as a campus coordination group so that there is consistent collaboration between the two committees.

  • Can I come to any of the meetings?

    ALL meetings of Town boards and committees are open to the public. Agendas and meeting minutes are posted on the Lincoln School, SBC, and Town websites.

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