How does a building impact education? This page offers information about FAQ’s such as: What do you mean by 21st century education? What are hubs? Does a different space configuration change teaching and learning? What are the educational goals of the Lincoln Public Schools? If, after browsing these resources, you think of other questions, contact us!


  • Lincoln Public Schools: District Strategic Plan

    Each year the Administration and School Committee, with community input, refine the District Strategic Plan.  Click on the image to see the plan for 2017-2018.
  • What Does 21st Century Education Mean?

    A  reading list provided by our design team.
  • Impact on Faculty Collaboration

    Click here to watch Hanscom Middle School faculty talk about how the new building has changed the way they work with each other.
  • Does a building have educational impact?

    Click here to hear Hanscom faculty talk about the impact of the building on students.
    Click here to learn more about the impact on learning.
  • How are hubs used?

    In this video Hanscom teachers talk about hub spaces.  In the video they refer to them as “breakout” spaces.
  • How the Building Impacts Special Education

    Watch a Hanscom educator talk about how the building supports students with special needs.
  • Overview of a Hub-Based 4th grade Learning Space

    A 4th grade teacher talks about how she uses her spaces.
  • What is a Commons?

    HMS faculty discuss use of the Commons space in the middle school.

  • Spaces for the Arts

    HMS faculty talk about the arts in the Middle School.
  • What Are the Classrooms Like at Hanscom Middle School?

    A short video about the classroom spaces at Hanscom.
  • What are the Challenges of the Hanscom Middle School Building?

    Faculty members talk about some of the building’s challenges in this video.

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