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Getting ready for TOWN MEETING – part 1


9:30am, Lincoln School Auditorium


7:30am – 8:00pm, Smith Gym

Campus Projects @ Town Meeting:  The School Building Committee (SBC) and Community Center committee (PPDC) will jointly update residents about the status of the two projects, and the milestones between now and the June 9th Special Town MeetingIf you’ve been following the process why attend?

  • We are at a crossroads of two projects that are being developed by two hard-working committees.  The projects require us all to weigh very complex, and sometimes contradictory, issues. The decisions we make are important to the fabric of our community and will, of course, impact our taxes. What will give us the best value for our investment?
  • Both committees need residents to weigh in and to help them see the path forward!
  • There will be hundreds of people at Town Meeting – this is a vital opportunity for us to listen to each other and understand the decisions we will be making in June. Both committees will be asking for feedback.

Sustainability Presentation:  On March 12th, architect Bill Maclay, who specializes in sustainable and “net-zero” architecture, presented a sustainability analysis of 5 school concepts. He outlined the likely energy efficiency of each concept, and the viability and cost of making the school a “net-zero” building. To see the slide deck he presented, click this link;  and you can watch his entire presentation here.

Campus Projects FAQ’s: New information has been added to the “Campus Projects Briefing Document.” Please visit the Project FAQ’s page to take a look.

RESCHEDULED for April 10th: Community Workshops! The joint SBC/PPDC Community Workshops that were snowed out on March 13th will be held on April 10th, 8:00am and 7:00pm. This is a crucial milestone, as community feedback will help shape the June Special Town Meeting. Please attend!

~ There will be a second blog post later this week! ~

Before Town Meeting you’ll get links to the current school concepts under consideration, and to other handouts that will be provided at Town Meeting.


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