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In it Together

Have you been thinking about building layouts and drawing possible solutions? Do you wonder why the Lincoln School needs all that square footage? Are you trying to figure out why a “basic” project that was estimated at $30million 4 years ago, is now projected to cost $46million? Are you pondering how the heck we’re going to make all this work?
You are not alone — as members of the School Building Committee we are asking the same questions! And while we represent a diverse range of knowledge and interests, we do know that we cannot answer these questions or move this project forward without all of you.
What do we need from you? Engage with us! Upcoming January events:
Tuesday, January 9thCampus Projects: Framing the Cost/Value Conversation. The Board of Selectmen is hosting a multi-board meeting to talk about the kinds of information we, as Lincoln residents, will need to consider as we choose how to invest in the Ballfield Road campus. To make the information easy to find, the boards are putting together a consolidated briefing book. Click on Campus Projects Briefing Book to learn more. The multi-board meeting will be televised. 6:00pm, Donaldson Room, Town Offices.
Wednesday, January 10th: School Building Committee Meeting. The SBC will review the Lincoln School “program.” The term program refers to all the rooms/spaces/square footage needed to support education. The committee will also look at the full range of project concepts in preparation for the Community Workshops. 7:00pm, Hartwell multipurpose room.
Tuesday, January 23rd: Lincoln School Project Community Workshops. The design team will present project concepts, including cost estimates, ranging from a repair-only scenario through mostly-new construction. These are high-level concepts that will allow the community to look at benefits and trade-offs associated with different budgets. Come to one or both sessions:  8:00am and/or 7:00pm, Reed/Brooks Gym.


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