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July 11th Focus: Building Envelope & Sustainability

EUI = Energy Use Intensity

We have ambitious goals! How do we minimize energy consumption and maximize sustainability? Answering that question requires careful attention to the building envelope.  The “envelope” is comprised of the walls, roof, floor, and windows.  Decisions about each of these has a direct impact on the long-term energy use of the school. Please come to the July 11th SBC meeting for an in-depth discussion! For more information about sustainability, visit the sustainability page of the SBC website.  SBC meeting is July 11th, 7:00pm, Hartwell multipurpose room.

Up Next:
  • July 25th – Building Exterior & Site Plan Charettes; review updated Hubs and Commons designs
  • August 8 – Focus on Systems and Photovoltaic Panels; review updated Site Plan & Floor Plans; Exterior Elevations; PV Layouts and Energy Model; Construction Phasing & Swing Space
  • August 22 – Interior Spaces & Security Charettes; review of all other updated plans

Remember: SBC meetings are being televised and are available on the web,


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