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June 9th: Agenda & Voting Process

Photo by Chris Collins

Agenda for June 9th Special Town Meeting*

  • 8:15am: Voter Check-in Begins
  • 9:30am: Presentations Begin
  • 11:00am: Discussion of the 5 Concepts
  • ~12:15pm: Vote #1 (paper ballot; top 3 move on) + Break
  • ~1:15pm: Discussion of the 3 Remaining Concepts
  • ~2:00pm: Vote #2 (standing vote; top 2 move on)
  • ~2:30pm: Vote #3 (standing vote to make final choice)

* PLEASE BE ADVISED:  This is a Town Meeting – The committees involved promise to stick to the presentation time, but please know that voting and discussion times will be as long or as short as necessary.

Other Notes:

  • To vote, you must be registered in Lincoln. Deadline to register is May 30th; there is no same-day registration!
  • It is strongly recommended that voters sign in early, even if they need to come and go!
  • Parking will be tight! Carpooling, walking, and biking are all encouraged!
  • Both the Auditorium and the Reed/Brooks Gym will be set up for the meeting. Participants in the Gym will be able to view the speakers and presentations but will need to come to a designated microphone in the Auditorium to speak.
  • Vote #1 (~12:45pm) will also serve as a break to eat, stretch, etc. Light snacks will be available, please pack your own lunch and bring it with you!

How the Voting Works

Vote #1: Ballot Vote on 5 Concepts

  • There will be 3 voting stations: Voters may choose to vote at any of the stations.
  • At the start of Vote #1, the Moderator will release non-voters for a break, with a time-certain to return.
  • Procedure:
    • Voters get a 2ndhand stamp and receive a ballot.
    • The Ballot Question is: “Lincoln School concept you prefer.” (CHOOSE ONE)
    • Please completely fill in the bubble next to one concept with a Sharpie – no checks, x’s, pens, pencils (Sharpies will be provided).
    • Put your ballot in the machine; take a break!
  • The three (3) concepts with the most votes will move on for further discussion and Vote #2

 Vote #2: Stand and Count

  • When the Meeting is ready for the 2nd vote, there will be a 15-minute break to ensure that all the Volunteer Inspectors are ready to conduct the vote.
  • The doors will close! Voters must be in the Auditorium or the Reed/Brooks Gym.
  • The Moderator will start with the concept that received the most votes in Vote #1 and ask all those who support that concept to stand and be counted.
    • This gets repeated with the other two concepts; results from the two locations tabulated.
    • If one of the concepts gets more than 50%, then the voting is done!

 Vote #3: (if necessary) Stand and Count (no 15-min break)

  • Conducted the same way as Vote #2
  • The concept that gets the majority is the one that moves forward into the Schematic Design phase.

The vote to bond the project will be in December:

  • Special Town Meeting – Saturday, December 1st
  • Ballot Vote – Monday, December 3rd


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