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Lincoln School Project – Construction Phase

Answers to the School Project Quiz:

  1. Answer D: 76% renovation and 24% new construction
  2. Answer D: Construction started in June 2020
  3. Answer C: 63 new trees will be planted.
  4. Answer D: No fossil fuels will be used for hot water, cooking, heating, or cooling, and photovoltaic arrays should produce enough electricity to run the building.
  5. Answer D: Dining Commons, hubs, preK classrooms are all new features of the building.
  6. Answer C: Grades 3 – 8 have hub spaces.
  7. 2017!

Pre Demolition Video:

Demolition of oldest Smith building begins:

Demolition complete. What’s the pool of water you see? The old Smith boiler room – infamous (former) home of the frogs.

Installing steel beams in the auditorium, Winter 2021

10/18/2020 Blog Post Answer: The white bundles visible in the photo are wrapped packages of insulation. The roof will be getting 10″ of insulation to help create an energy-efficient “skin” on the renovated building.

This machine is drilling “rigid inclusions.” Rigid inclusions are holes that are drilled into the ground, while simultaneously filling the hole with grout. This process compacts the surrounding/adjacent subsurface soils.

May 10th SBC Meeting @ 7:00pm

What a difference a year makes! Here’s the school on April 29, 2022… And here it was on April 24th of this year! Click here for this week’s SBC meeting agenda.

SBC Meeting on Wednesday, April 12

It was great to see the Dining Commons filled with residents enjoying the Town Meeting lunch break on Saturday, March 25th! Thank you to Twisted Tree for providing boxed lunches. The School Building Committee will meet on Wednesday, April 12, 2023 via Zoom. The agenda and link can be found here.

Town Meeting, and some big “Thank you’s”!

ANNUAL TOWN MEETING! Saturday, March 25, 2023 in the Lincoln School. Check-in begins at 8:30am, Meeting begins promptly at 9:30am! Learn more here! Thank you, FoMA and the Project Team! At the Lincoln School ribbon cutting ceremony in October, the Friends of Modern Architecture (FoMA) announced that it was awarding the project team (Architects SMMA…

Thursday: Friends of Modern Architecture Honors Lincoln School Project Team!

(And the School Building Committee meets on Wednesday! Agenda is here.) The Friends of Modern Architecture/Lincoln (FoMA) invites you to a presentation, panel discussion, and reception celebrating the revitalization of Lincoln’s Modern school. Lincoln Modern architects Lawrence B. Anderson and Henry B. Hoover, who designed the original school buildings beginning in the 1940s, saw the…

Community Spaces

One of the 5 core principles of the school building project was enhancing the school as a community space. We are in a different phase of Covid, the building is now in use, and the vision for its potential uses is expanding. In the past couple of weeks, families gathered in the Dining Commons for…

Blasts from the Past

The 3rd and 4th grade time capsules from the 1994 -1995 school project are now on display in the Lincoln Public Library! Stop by to see what students were thinking about at the time. Also, remember this photo? When the Auditorium was being renovated, quite a few artifacts were found in those hexagonal “clouds” in…


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Answer to 5/24/2020 Quiz: Over 9000 SF – and will cover about 200 people following social distancing guidelines.

Answer to 6/7/2020 “Just for Fun” – Our thanks to Tony at for this great photo!

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