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Lincoln School Project – Construction Phase

10/18/2020 Blog Post Answer: The white bundles visible in the photo are wrapped packages of insulation. The roof will be getting 10″ of insulation to help create an energy-efficient “skin” on the renovated building.

This machine is drilling “rigid inclusions.” Rigid inclusions are holes that are drilled into the ground, while simultaneously filling the hole with grout. This process compacts the surrounding/adjacent subsurface soils.

What’s on the roof?

See all the white bundles on the roof? Click here to find out what they are! Visit the October 2020 gallery to see some recent project photos, and this link to watch the latest drone video.

Project Photos & this Week’s SBC Meeting

Steel framing is being set for new walls in the Dining Commons and Brooks, insulation is being added to roofs and walls, and interior work in the Auditorium is underway. Check out some of the latest project photos here! The SBC meets virtually this week on Wednesday, October 14th at 7:00pm. The agenda is posted […]

Tree Fund Grows

This week, the SBC was very pleased to receive news of a substantial, anonymous donation to the Class of 2020 Tree Fund! The SBC voted unanimously to ask the School Committee to accept this very generous gift! Another piece of good news is that there have been minimal COVID costs added to the project thus […]

Duct and Cover…

Power outages are always an exciting topic of conversation in Lincoln and the school is a not-infrequent victim of branches falling on the wires that run between the road and the school. One very important aspect of the building project is that the electric lines are being buried under ground. This work has begun, most […]

Laying the Foundation

Turning a building that was constructed between 1946 and 1994 into a unified, net zero building requires building super-insulated exterior walls and roofs. This work is now underway and you can see the footprint of the new outer walls. Not only does this work allow us to create the insulated exterior, it also provides a […]


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Answer to 5/24/2020 Quiz: Over 9000 SF – and will cover about 200 people following social distancing guidelines.

Answer to 6/7/2020 “Just for Fun” – Our thanks to Tony at for this great photo!

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