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Making the Loop a Spiral…

Taken from the post “Conversation” on
“Feedback loop” – while it accurately conveys a cycle of information, input, and revision, it also implies stasis – as a community, we want to make the loop move forward!
We – the School Building Committee (SBC), design team, and YOU – are doing just that.  



  • January 23rd: The design team presented 5 concepts at workshops. Based on community feedback and questions from the SBC, the design team has continued to develop different versions of each of the concepts.
  • February 13th: Gathered more input during both the SBC meeting and an open meeting with Lincoln’s design professionals, a well-attended open meeting. Ideas generated will be incorporated into the process after Town Meeting.
  • February 28th:  Feedback resulted in 12 concepts with varying features and price ranges. The SBC has narrowed them down to 6, which will be the basis of the March 13th and Town Meeting presentations.


  1. Wednesday, March 7th:  Focus on Sustainability: Join the SBC to hear about the “green” potential of the different school concepts. We’ll learn more about the impact of windows, insulation and mechanical systems, construction costs, energy modeling, and operating costs over time. 7:00pm, Hartwell Multipurpose room. Read more about our energy consultants here.
  2. Tuesday, March 13th: Campus Projects Joint Community Workshops   The SBC and the Community Center committees are teaming up to update the community and gather more feedback! We need you! 8:00am and 7:00pm, Reed Gym
  3. Saturday, March 24th: Town Meeting, 9:30am, Auditorium: Hundreds of people in one place? Of course we’ll be gathering more input!


After Town Meeting the SBC and design team will start on the next forward-moving loop of the spiral.  More refining of the concepts based on what we learned in March, more information sessions, more input from the community. We know we are asking for a lot of your time and your patience, but continued engagement is crucial for forward momentum. Thank you!

Just for Fun:  What is “Budget Falls”?
  • A.  The latest Wall Street exposé by Michael Lewis.
  • B.  A thriller set in an abandoned mill town.
  • C.  What the students named the plastic tarp catching the leaks in the Brooks Hallway.
Click here for the answer!



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