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Progress – Inside and Out

During the past week, exploratory work went on inside the school. This was done to get a precise understanding of the infrastructure hidden in the ceilings. How does this help? The photo of the Consigli worker on the ladder is taken at the spot in the building that will become the dividing line between Phase 1 (Brooks) and Phase 2 (Smith) of the project. The construction team will have to ensure that one half of the building is operational for faculty and students while the other half is under construction. NOTE: All ceilings will be re-installed this coming week.

Outside, J&J Construction has been hard at work pouring the footings for the temporary classrooms. J&J, which has built both the Hanscom Primary and Middle schools, was retained by Consigli to both prepare the site and move the temporary units from Hanscom to the Lincoln School. The move will happen in stages during the month of September.

Just for fun...

a) How many units will be put together to create the temporary school?

b) How many footings are being poured?

c) What does this sign mean?

Click here for the answers and to see more photos of the site!

REMEMBER: SBC meeting this Wednesday, August 14th, 7pm, Hartwell multipurpose room. The meeting will feature site plan and floor plan updates and a construction update.


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