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Rule #10

“It never gets easier, you just go faster.”  

– attributed to Greg LeMan, Rule #10,

Cycling enthusiasts are probably familiar with this quote, which an SBC audience member was sporting on his T-shirt at the June 13th SBC meeting. Given all that needs to be accomplished between now and December 1st, it is the perfect message to get us through the work ahead! So grab a power bar, fill your water bottle, and get ready to shift gears – here we go!

*** First, we must add Lincoln Youth Soccer to the list of groups who deserve a giant “thank you!” LYS was able to reschedule almost every home and away game on June 9th in order to make Town Meeting logistics easier for families. It was a complicated undertaking, and the SBC appreciates this community effort! ***

What’s Ahead?
In our June 6th blog post, we outlined the basics of the “Schematic Design” process. We are embarking on an intensive process that will not rest over the summer. The full schedule of meetings between now and December 1st is posted on the home page. That schedule includes the specific design topics to be covered at each meeting. Starting with the June 27th meeting, we will look at detailed floor plans and site plans.

The SBC will establish the final site plans, floor plans, elevations, sustainability features, and mechanical systems by the beginning of September, so that the design team can develop the final cost estimates! The final cost will be approved by mid- to late October!

Here is a “level of interest” guide to get you through the next several months:

“Just tell me when to vote…”

  • Saturday, December 1, 2018 – Special Town Meeting to vote for funding (bond vote); 2/3 majority needed
  • Monday, December 3, 2018 – Ballot vote to approve the bond; simple majority needed

“Big milestones…”

  • There will be 3 Community Forums this fall; dates TBA
  • There will also be other events at the Council on Aging, Lincoln PTO, etc; dates TBA
  • These are opportunities to get updated on floor plans, site plans, sustainability features, exterior and interior plans, costs
  • Ask questions; provide feedback

“I want to keep track of the details…”

  • Pay attention to the weekly blog posts (either by subscribing,, or via LincolnTalk)
  • Visit the website!
  • Other committees will also have the project on their agendas as needed. Visit for dates, agendas, and minutes. You can sign up to get meeting notifications from the committees of your choice.

“I want to be fully involved…”

  • Please come to SBC meetings!
  • This is an intense, complex, iterative process, and each meeting will advance us further. The next 4 meetings are: June 27th, July 11th, July 25th, August 8th. The rest of the dates are on the website.
  • Volunteer to hold a neighborhood coffee – you provide the date, venue and a group of people, we’ll do the rest!

Changing things up!
We recognize that many residents who want to participate will not be able to attend all of the summer meetings, so we will be looking for ways to make this process more interactive. Here are some ideas we’re exploring:

  • Using an interactive web tool for comments and suggestions
  • Televising SBC meetings
  • Changing the structure of some SBC meetings
  • Do you have other ideas? Contact us at!



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