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Lincoln School Project – Schematic Design Phase

Lincoln School Project – Schematic Design Phase

On June 9th, the Town voted to move forward with concept “L3”, which initiated the Schematic Design Phase.  

Vote #2 - Results
Lincoln School Project (June 9, 2018)
A Lincoln School student's floor plan - inspired by attending an SBC meeting!

June 9, 2018 STM, Part 1

June 9, 2018 STM, Part 2

December 1, 2018 STM

Project Documents

Blog Posts - Schematic Design

A look forward…and a look back…

From Superintendent McFall: What to expect September 19 – October 10: Modular Trailer/Temporary School Update The modular classrooms (trailers) that are currently located on the Lincoln campus will begin to be set into place this week to form the temporary school in the configuration that will be used to operate the K-4 school for the […]


Click the image to play the video (and turn on the volume!) And if you weren’t able to make it to Town Meeting on Saturday, and want to watch the presentations or hear the questions, you can watch it here!

Happy Special-Town-Meeting-Eve!

Logistics: 8:00am – Voter check-in begins outside the Auditorium. Seating is available in the Auditorium and in the Reed Gym. 9:00am – Presentations begin 10:30am – The floor is open for questions This meeting ends with a vote – regardless of the outcome there will be a ballot vote on Monday! The Girl Scouts will be selling snacks […]

This is a Community Project

Over the past 19 months, the Lincoln School project has been forged by the willingness of residents with a wide range of values, priorities, expertise, opinions, and viewpoints to come together to try to collaboratively solve an incredibly complex problem. The goal of the SBC has been to create a process and a platform for […]

Educational Value(s)…and Some Financial FAQs…

Each year, with input from the community, the Lincoln School Committee and Administrative Team set strategic priorities for the district. These priorities guide professional development and collaboration in the Lincoln School and in the Hanscom Schools. Since the new Hanscom Middle School opened in 2016, the district has had the opportunity to see how a […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Outreach Team wishes everyone a turkey-and-pie-filled, enjoyable few days! We will be on hiatus for just a bit…and then you’ll be hearing from us quite frequently in the final days before the Special Town Meeting which is a week from Saturday! A few links in case you’re trying to avoid doing the dishes: Lincoln […]

FAQ – Tax Relief Programs

~~ TONIGHT! Multi-Board Meeting ~~ 7:00pm – 9:00pm Hartwell Pod B The School Building Committee, Finance Committee, Capital Planning Committee, and Green Energy Committee will present updated information in preparation for December 1st.   The public is welcome and encouraged to come ask questions! FAQ: Are there any ways to mitigate the impact of the […]

Got Questions?

Bring them to us! This week’s outreach sessions…: Tuesday, November 13th, 8:00am, Hartwell Multipurpose Room Wednesday, November 14th, 9:00am, deCordova Café Thursday, November 15th, 11:00am, The Commons And other meetings… Wednesday, November 14, 7:00pm, SBC Meeting, Hartwell Multipurpose Room Thursday, November 15th, 7:00pm, Multi Board Meeting, Pod B And on Saturday, December 1st!… 8:00am, check […]

(Funding) Plans…(Building) Plans…(Voting) Plans…

What is the funding plan? The Lincoln Finance Committee met on Monday, November 5th and voted unanimously to recommend the following plan for funding the $93.9M Lincoln School project: $4.4M from Stabilization Funds (existing funds) $1.0M from Free Cash (existing funds) $88.5 BOND (new borrowed funds) This is the funding mix the Town will vote […]

Did you weigh in?…

…there’s still time! At the November 1st Community Workshops, participants were asked to give their opinions about the look of the new central entrance & commons areas of the school.  So far, 79% of those who gave us feedback at the workshops or online have said they prefer the sloped roof design. What is your […]

Sloped Roofs vs. Flat Roofs – Which do you prefer?

If you weren’t at this morning’s Community Workshop, you have another chance to weigh in on the look of the Lincoln School: TONIGHT (Thursday), 7:00pm, REED/BROOKS GYM!  This is the fun part – come join us!  There are 2 options for the new heart of the building: a sloped roof OR a flat roof. Which […]

Celebrate November – Come to a Community Workshop!

2 WORKSHOPS – THIS THURSDAY!!! NOVEMBER 1, 2018 8:00am – 10:00am AND 7:00pm – 9:00pm Get the latest project update! AND… What do you think about the look of the: central entrance dining and learning commons media center 3rd grade wing? See you in the Reed/Brooks Gym!

Of Massing Studies, Elevations, and Façades…

…Whether or not you are well-versed in architectural vocabulary, you probably have an opinion about how buildings look.  Here is your opportunity to weigh in on the Lincoln School project! The SBC spent significant time talking about the floor plan for the new “heart” of the school, now it’s time to make a decision about […]

Who picked this budget?…and other cost questions…

Cost FAQs: There are a number of interrelated questions that come up about the cost of the project and how we expect to stay on budget. Some variations include: Why is the budget $93.9M? Why didn’t we choose a budget and then do as much as we could for it? Home renovation projects always cost […]

SOTT Recap

Now that we are in the home stretch, you will be hearing from the Outreach Team a bit more frequently – we thank you for understanding! State of the Town Update At Saturday’s State of the Town, the SBC gave an update on the Lincoln School project’s progress since June. Here are the highlights (see […]

Putting the Pieces Together – This Week is “All School All the Time”!

We’ve talked a lot about the complexity of the Lincoln School project – this week multiple Town boards and committees have the project on their agendas. Each will dive into the details as seen through the lens of their committee’s charge.  On Thursday, many boards will meet together to try to understand how all the […]

Value Engineering – Part 1

Cost Estimate Overview On September 26th, the SBC received the draft preliminary cost estimates from two independent estimators: The two total project cost estimates came in at $102M and $109M, well above our target budget of $93.9M. After that meeting, the estimators, our design team, and our Owner’s Project Manager met to reconcile the two […]

Welcome to the SBC Rollercoaster…

Sometimes you’re up… There has been a lot of discussion over the past many weeks about the floor plan in the central part of the Lincoln School, the part comprised of the media center (library), dining commons, kitchen, and learning commons. After a number of permutations, the design team took the feedback it was getting […]

This week at the SBC…

SAVE THE DATE: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20th! SPECIAL TOWN MEETING AND ANNUAL STATE OF THE TOWN (SOTT) MEETING 9:00am – 12:30pm, Lincoln School Auditorium There will be an update from the School Building Committee at SOTT – Join your friends and get caught up on the school project and other important Town issues! This week’s SBC […]

We wait…

…with bated breath…On Thursday, the schematic design for the Lincoln School project was sent out for cost estimation (here are the slides from the September 12th meeting which give an overview of the elements of the project). In keeping with best practices, the design will be evaluated by two different groups of estimators. The work […]

Getting Caught Up

On Wednesday the School Building Committee hosted two Community Workshop sessions. There was a great cross-section of the community represented both in the morning and in the evening, and we thank everyone for making time during what is always a hectic week! The presentation focused on six main areas of the project: the floor plan […]


First Workshop is about to start (8:00am!) Second Workshop is from 7:00 – 9:00pm See you in the Reed/Brooks Gym!

It’s Time to Go Back to School (Building Committee)!

Community Workshops: THIS WEDNESDAY, September 5th – 2 Sessions • 8:00am – 10:00am • 7:00pm – 9:00pm • Both (identical) sessions will be in the Brooks (Reed) Gym The SBC has been meeting all summer and a lot of work has been done. This is your opportunity to get caught up and ask questions before […]

“Heart of the School” & Phasing…

“Heart of the School” – One of the main features of the “L3” concept chosen on June 9th is the creation of new, centralized, “heart of the school.” This area, which will serve grades preK – 8, will be created with a combination of new construction and renovation of the existing library. It will include […]

Electrical Systems, Energy Model, & PV

August 15th Meeting Recap: Those who spend time in the Lincoln School know that whether it’s summer or winter, currently there is a wide temperature range from one room to another. One of the big impacts of the renovation will be a better, quieter, and much more consistent environment for our students and faculty. The […]

The Building, PV Panels, and Us…

…this is what we need to meet our goal of making the Lincoln School a “net zero” building. Make no mistake, this is an ambitious goal that requires careful planning, attention to detail, and conscious decisions about how we use the building. A further complexity of meeting our goal is the fact that this is […]

Change of Plans…

…SBC adds an August 15th meeting to the schedule. Looking at all that needs to be accomplished in August, the SBC has added an additional meeting on August 15th (7:00pm, Hartwell multipurpose room). Here’s a rundown of what will be covered in the next three meetings: August 8th: Looking at the outside! Site Plans: Update and […]

So What Might it Look Like?

“Honoring our History, Building our Future” is not just our project’s motto, it translates into decisions we have already made (choosing L3 on June 9th) and into the decisions we are making now during the schematic design phase of the project. At the July 25th meeting, SMMA and EwingCole introduced exterior elevation renderings to the SBC. […]

REMINDER: SBC Meeting on Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 25th, 7:00pm, Hartwell Multipurpose Room: The SBC will focus on two big topics: Building Exterior: SMMA/EwingCole will introduce plans for the building’s exterior. How will the new central entrance/Commons look? What kinds of materials will we use? Site Plan: How will bus and car drop-offs work? Where do pedestrians and cyclists go? What are the […]

July 25th: Exterior Elevations and Site Circulation

July 11th Recap: At last week’s meeting, the SBC looked at a new iteration of the floor plan, discussed components of sustainability, and reviewed an updated project schedule. The meetings are now being televised, and you can watch the July 11th meeting here. The slides from the meeting are posted here. Up Next: On July 25th, the […]

July 11th Focus: Building Envelope & Sustainability

We have ambitious goals! How do we minimize energy consumption and maximize sustainability? Answering that question requires careful attention to the building envelope.  The “envelope” is comprised of the walls, roof, floor, and windows.  Decisions about each of these has a direct impact on the long-term energy use of the school. Please come to the July 11th […]

Come Together – Hubs and the Commons

Wow! About 50 people gathered for last Wednesday’s SBC meeting – We were so excited to have this kind of participation, and impressed by everyone’s fortitude in sticking it out until 11:30pm! It was an action-packed evening that included a presentation by students from the Boston Architectural College (BAC), and a “charette” style conversation about […]

Join Us! – Focus on Hubs and Commons

Interested in the configuration of Hub Spaces and the Commons?  Come to the SBC meeting on Wednesday, June 27th! As mentioned in last week’s blog post, over the next few months each meeting will feature a mini “charette” focused on a particular aspect of the design. Unless otherwise noted, all SBC meetings start at 7:00pm, Hartwell […]

What is Schematic Design? What is Value Engineering?

Schematic Design: The purpose of Schematic Design (“SD”) is to document in detail the scope, budget and schedule of the project. The process results in a description of the building’s structural, mechanical, heating/cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems, interior and exterior materials, and plans for the building site. It also addresses safety and security systems, technology […]


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