A project of this magnitude cannot be successful without the voices of our residents. It is a goal of the SBC to be transparent about its process, to seek feedback from the community, and to use the feedback to advance the project’s development. Thank you for your continued engagement!

Community Workshop Videos

January 23, 2018 Community Workshops

November 4, 2017 State of the Town

October 20, 2017: SBC Update at Bemis
Outreach session at the Council on Aging
October 17, 2017 Workshop: Focus on Educational Mission
Superintendent Becky McFall speaks about educational vision.
October 3, 2017 Workshop: Focus on the Campus

June 14, 2017: SBC Kickoff Meeting

Feedback from January 23, 2018 Workshop

Feedback on Option 4

Feedback on Option 3


Feedback from October 3rd Workshop

Feedback on Option 2

Feedback on Option 1

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