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School Building Committee Recommendations

At its May 30, 2018 meeting, the School Building Committee (“SBC”) evaluated the five (5) school concepts (R, L1, L2, L3, C) being presented at the Special Town Meeting on June 9, and voted on which, if any, subset it would recommend. Concepts L3 and C were both unanimously recommended by all 16 members and liaisons at the meeting (note: this number includes a written response from one member who was unable to attend in person). Of the 16, five (5) members/liaisons additionally voted for concept L2 as a third recommendation, and 1 member/liaison voted to recommend all five concepts.

The SBC’s vote was guided by the set of principles it adopted last fall with the benefit of input from the community and Town Boards, and visioning sessions with educators. The following distillation of the principles was presented at the January 23, 2018 workshops and subsequent community forums.


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