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Show Us the Vision!

State of the Town
Group A, Option 2
At State of the Town you will get to see 6 exciting concepts for the Lincoln School! There will be a lot of information to absorb, and we will be asking for your initial thoughts and questions. So, we wanted to give you some time to look at the drawings and read the directions for the feedback activity. We look forward to seeing you at 9am on Saturday!
There will be 2 feedback activities at State of the Town: One focused on the Lincoln School, and one focused on the Community Center. These activities are important for both committees — they are intended to spark our imaginations, let us engage in creative thinking, and help our design teams better understand our community. The exercises will focus on site placement, building shape, and aesthetic preferences. They will not focus on square footage, cost estimates, or site elements (fields, parking, roads).
Goal for the Exercise:  Collect community members’ immediate “gut” reactions (positive and negative) to 6 possible shapes and locations for the Lincoln School.  This is not a vote — nothing is eliminated today, but ideas can be added!
State of the Town
Group B, Option 2
These are ideas for a mostly-new, or all-new building. This is intentional for today’s exercise.
The community has identified “support for educational vision” and “sustainability” as two core values.
The School Building Committee challenged the design team (SMMA/EwingCole) to think creatively and generate ideas for a building that fully embodies our vision for education and is true to our community.
Background & Context:
  • The Town has documented the needs of the Lincoln School building.
  • There is a well-articulated educational vision for our schools.
  • Project Focus:  A safe, comfortable, accessible building that supports and enhances education for our students, is a resource for the community, and is fiscally responsible.
  • The concepts are shown with the current site structure (i.e. no changes to roads, parking, etc.) Moving forward, concepts will be evaluated on how they maintain/improve the athletic fields, traffic flow, etc.
  • As you look/listen, consider the following:
    • What do you think about how the building sits on the site?
    • What do you think about the location of the “common spaces” (gyms, auditorium, kitchen, dining)?
    • Do you see different sized areas for small groups, large groups, collaboration, and projects (terms used may include “commons, hubs, and neighborhoods”)
    • Does the design provide good spaces for community and public use?
    • How do students move through the building? How close/far are the shared spaces?
    • How do you feel about a new/mostly-new building? What else would you like the SBC to explore?
State of the Town
Group C, Option 2
  • As you look at the drawings and/or listen to the presentation, use the feedback sheet to jot down your initial thoughts:
    • What have you seen or heard that you like? What sparked your interest?
    • What do you wish you had seen? or wish we could develop further?
    • What do you wonder about? What else should be considered? What questions need to be answered?
  • During the feedback session, visit the drawings posted on the Auditorium walls, ask the architects or SBC members questions, and write some more notes.
  • Hand in your feedback sheet — SBC members will collect them, or you can put them in the box at the back!
After State of the Town we will post an electronic version of the feedback sheet that you can fill out on
Thank you for being part of the process!


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  • Focus is on the school facility, which is expected. However, the auditorium needs attention as well as current size is small. What are plans for the auditorium as an integral part of the overall renovation scheme (school, town activity center and auditorium)?

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