If you weren’t at this morning’s Community Workshop, you have another chance to weigh in on the look of the Lincoln School:

TONIGHT (Thursday), 7:00pm, REED/BROOKS GYM!  This is the fun part – come join us! 

There are 2 options for the new heart of the building: a sloped roof OR a flat roof.

Which do you prefer?


P.S. We’d love to see you in person so you can be part of the conversation, BUT, if you really can’t make it, give us your opinion by clicking on “comment” at the bottom of the post.)

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  • Jodi Gorman

    Sloped seems to have a more spacious appearance

  • Elizabeth Creighton

    In this climate, the sloped roof is far more practical.

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  • Diana J

    Sloped Roof

  • Penny DeNormandie

    I prefer the flat roof. It is a more welcoming facade where the entrance is more obvious. I agree with the comment made this evening about how the band above the doors, that joins the two wings at a human scale is working. I also believe there could be a solution with this scheme, having both sloped and flat roof.

    The sloped roof facade recedes and doesn’t say “entrance”. The portion to the right of the entrance, seems too much the same scale and form as the existing library piece that it is emulating. This solution is working better in the back of the building, than the front.

  • Amanda Fargo


  • Gus Muench

    asymmetrical gables, please. lest we forget the past. 🙂

  • Karen H

    The massing of the flat roof option seems more fitting. It’s calmer and more contemporary.

  • Vicki B

    Remember Donelan’s roof collapse? They had a flat roof

  • Vicki B

    Sloped Roof!

  • Wendy Finnerty

    Sloped but no gutters!

  • Wendy Finnerty

    I prefer the sloped roof in our climate. Less maintenance.

  • Dea Angiolillo.

    Sloped Roof please. I like the interior look better.

  • Brianna Doo

    i think sloped will give a bigger feel to the room and is nicer from the inside. Aesthetically, the flat roof on the outside seems to fit the Lincoln feel.

  • Vicki B

    Aren’t Sloped roofs more efficient in draining water/snow?

    • Website Editor

      Good question! It is one that came up this morning – The design team says that either can drain efficiently. Modern “flat” roofs have internal drainage systems that make them effective.

  • Vicki B

    Are they comparable in quality? is one less expensive?

    • Website Editor

      They are comparable in quality, and are considered to be the same cost – this is a question of community aesthetics.

  • peter von Mertens

    I prefer the sloped roof.

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