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At the heart of this project…

…is our project team’s creativity and dedication.

We’ve said all along that this is a complex renovation, and at this week’s School Building Committee meeting we were reminded of the creative problem-solving and long hours it takes to make the project happen:

  • How do you install large beams in an existing structure? To meet code, the Auditorium required installation of new structural steel beams. To do this, Consigli figured out how to cut slots through the roof of the Auditorium so that the beams could be lowered in to place. Afterwards, the sections of roof were replaced and will by sealed by the new roof membrane.
  • 2:00am? Some residents noticed that there was activity at the school in the wee hours of the morning one night. Turns out it was the “finishers” on site when the new slab in H Building (the new connector between the auditorium and the gym) was placed.  As Consigli explained, “When you place slabs you have to wait until the concrete sets up before you can finish the slab to get the smooth surface.  Sometimes, especially this time of year, it takes a couple of hours for the slab to set up.  After the slab is finished, the slab has to be saw cut to help prevent/control cracking of the slab.“ 

Below is a photo of the slab in the new connector. Click here to see other recent project photos and here to see the slide deck from the SBC meeting.

June 8th – A Milestone Day!

Almost two years to the day after residents came together to choose option “L3” at the Special Town Meeting, the renovation of the Lincoln School will begin! What can we expect to see? (Click here for a reminder of the overall timeline.)

  • Construction fencing will start to go up around the Brooks end of the building
  • Top-soil will be stockpiled
  • Interior demolition and abatement will begin
  • Utility work will begin

Prepping for (potential) June 13th Town Meeting

The Town is planning for a June 13th Town Meeting and a June 15th Town Election. We are waiting to see what the Governor says within the next 24 hours, but given the necessary logistics and mandatory deadlines, committees were asked to prepare.

  • The SBC met with the Finance Committee last Monday to get an update on the current thinking about the Town budget and to understand the impact of the pandemic.
  • At its meeting last Wednesday, the SBC voted unanimously to ask the School Committee to ask the Board of Selectmen to place an article on the new Warrant.
  • All the members of the SBC are sensitive to the current financial climate and, at the same time, trying to keep an eye on the long-term value of the renovation project.
  • The SBC re-examined the $2M+ list of items it had originally planned to present to the Town in March using the following criteria: 1)What is the “decide by” date for the item? 2)Is it possible to add the item to the project at a later date? 3)What is the cost impact of doing the work in the future?
  • Based on those criteria, the SBC plans to present a list of items totaling $629K and, in addition, a request for $200K for furniture, fixtures, technology, and equipment (FF&E).
  • The SBC will meet with the Finance Committee on Tuesday, May 19th at 8:00pm.
  • The next SBC meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 20th at 7:00pm.

1 Week Away from Starting!

Dear Lincoln School Families, Staff, and Community Members,

Evidence that the Lincoln School Building Project is underway will soon be visible on the Ballfield Road campus! Our team of architects (SMMA) and our construction team (Consigli) meet with us on a regular basis to discuss the schedule and process for carrying out the renovation and construction of the Lincoln School. As the work gets underway in July, we will provide updates on what will occur in the weeks ahead and do our best to inform you of any impacts you should be aware of in planning your visits to the Ballfield Road campus. Below I have provided our first Look Ahead Schedule for the work that will begin in July. No work will take place prior to the Fourth of July celebration on the campus.  Additional information can be found on the School Building Committee website,

If you have any questions, please reach out to the following contacts:

Becky McFall, Superintendent of Schools,

Shane Nolan, Owners Project Manager, Daedalus Projects Inc.,

Buck Creel, Administrator for Business and Finance,

Michael Haines, Facilities Manager,

All the best,

Becky McFall

Lincoln School Project – Look Ahead Schedule 

What to expect in the month of July:

July 8 – 12

  • The site of the modular classrooms will be fenced off on the north side of the center field.
  • The fields behind the Smith parking lot will be surveyed and marked to create a soil storage location.
  • A vehicular path to the soil storage area will be created to allow trucks to move soil from the center field to the soil storage location. The soil will be returned to the center field at the end of the project when the center field is restored.

Possible impact to activities July 8 – 12:

  • Parking spaces adjacent to the center field in front of the Brooks entrance will not be available for use.
  • There may be minor traffic delays when trucks are delivering materials.
  • The Smith Tee Ball Field will be adjacent to work being done to create a soil storage area. Please avoid this area when construction work is in progress.
  • The northern half of the center field will not be available for use until the end of the project in the fall of 2022.

What will not be impacted:

  • The Codman Pool and the Brooks parking lot will be open for regular operation.
  • The Recreation Summer Camp will be in full operation.
  • The Lincoln Public Schools Central Offices and Facilities Office will be open for regular business (M-Th).
  • The Lincoln School main offices will be open for summer hours, 8:30am – 12:00pm Monday – Thursday.

July 15 – 26

  • Trees adjacent to the modular classroom site will be protected to preserve their health throughout the project.
  • Erosion control measures will be put in place to control run off during the construction of the temporary school building.
  • The topsoil will be stripped from the north end of the center field and transported to the soil storage area.
  • Excavation will begin to prepare for utilities and laying the foundation for the modular classroom building.

Possible impact to activities July 15 – 26:

  • There may be minor traffic delays when trucks are delivering materials or transporting soil from the center field to the soil storage area in the field behind the Smith parking lot.
  • The Smith Tee Ball Field will be adjacent to work being done to create a soil storage area. Please avoid this area when construction work is in progress.
  • The northern half of the center field will not be available for use until the end of the project in the fall of 2022.

What will not be impacted:

  • The Codman Pool will be open for regular operation.
  • The Recreation Summer Camp will be in full operation.
  • The Lincoln Public Schools Central Offices and Facilities Office will be open for regular business.

A Further Look Ahead:

  • The northern half of the center field will be occupied by the temporary modular classrooms and will not be available for use until the end of the project in the fall of 2022.
  • Work will begin later this summer to remove portions of the ceilings in the Lincoln School in order to assess current conditions and plan for future work to be carried out.
  • Modular classrooms will be installed this fall, late August – October.
  • All students will remain in their current buildings for the 2019 – 2020 school year.
  • We do not anticipate major disruptions to drop off and pick up traffic during the 2019 – 2020 school year. Construction traffic will not be allowed during peak traffic times.

Coming Soon!!!

After the parade…after the cookout…after the fireworks…

During the week of July 8th, early signs of the school project will begin to appear!!!

The first phase of the project, the Enabling Phase (site prep), begins after the 4th of July. Here’s what to expect over the next several weeks:

  • Consigli will install construction fencing around the location of the modular classrooms and start prepping the site for their installation (see the image above).
  • Tree protection will be installed around trees that we’re preserving.
  • Inside the school, selected ceiling areas will be removed.

Stay tuned! Next week’s blog post will provide more details about what to expect over the summer. Below is a reminder of the overall project schedule.


  • The pool, sport court, and tennis courts will all be open during the summer.
  • All students will stay in the school during the 2019/20 school year! Elementary students will be in the modular classrooms in the Fall of 2020.

Click here to see the slides from the June 19th SBC meeting.

Next meeting is on July 10th, 7:00pm, Hartwell multipurpose room.

On Budget…

The consensus of three independent cost estimates is that the project continues to be on budget! The Design Development phase is now drawing to a close, and the Construction Documents (CD) phase begins. The next round of cost estimates will been at “60% CD,” which means when the construction documents are 60% complete.

Project Schedule

At Wednesday’s meeting, our construction team from Consigli presented an updated project schedule. The schedule represents a lot of think about a wide range of details. The Logistics Sub Group, comprised of design and construction team members, along with our school admin and facilities team, will continue to refine the schedule and consider all aspects of the project: construction staging areas; safe traffic flow for cars, buses, construction vehicles, and pedestrians; wetlands and tree protection, etc. See the presentation here.

The chart below gives an overview of the latest information about how the project affects different grades and the community over the next several years. Refinements of the plan will continue!

Meeting Schedule:

  • April 22nd: The Site Sub Committee will meet at 9am, Hartwell multipurpose room.
  • April 24th: SBC meeting has been CANCELLED. This meeting was in place for value engineering. Due to the positive news about the budget estimates, it is not needed. Next SBC meeting is on May 8th.
  • April 25th: Outreach Committee meeting is CANCELLED.
  • May 1st: Conservation Commission will conduct the first of two public hearings on the plan for the modular classrooms.
  • The Outreach Team is taking a brief break. Look for the next blog post on May 5th!

The bottom line…

As mentioned in prior posts, the Design Development drawings were recently submitted for another round of cost estimation. Those estimates will be reviewed at this week’s SBC meeting.

Wednesday, April 10th, 7:00pm, Hartwell multipurpose room

  • Review preliminary construction costs
  • Review updated construction timeline
  • Subcommittee reports
  • Site permitting update

Not Our First Rodeo…

Interior DesignAt the January 23rd SBC meeting, the SBC got a look at design concepts for the the interior of the school.  SMMA talked about choosing interior finishes that 1) create a calmer visual environment; 2) are durable; and 3) stay within our budget. This is made a bit more challenging by the fact that this is a renovation project, and that a number of colorful items will remain in place (i.e. teal countertops and cabinets in some rooms). As the interior is planned, it is important to think about future repairs and replacement when choosing the finishes, and later, the furniture. For example, we don’t want to specify 400 kiwi green chairs only to discover that a) the color will soon be discontinued, or b) that in a few years the “kiwi” of 2019 reminds us too much of the “avocado” of 1979. Fortunately, our administrative team has spent the last several years making these kinds of decisions for the Hanscom Primary and Middle Schools. We are able to draw on this depth of experience and the lessons learned.

Project ScheduleOur Construction Manager, Consigli, presented two important pieces of information at the meeting:

  1. Their cost estimate for the project (based on the Schematic Design phase) came in at essentially the same cost as the prior two estimates by SMMA and Daedalus. There will be another round of cost estimates in late March at the end of the Design Development phase.
  2. Consigli believes that the project can be completed by the start of the 2022/23 school year.  This is about six months earlier than previously planned (the image above shows a comparison of the old and new project schedules). This is one advantage of using a construction manager versus the “design, bid, build” construction method. Consigli is on board now, is part of the detailed investigation of existing conditions, and can help solve problems before difficult (or costly) issues arise.

Site Work: A Site Plan working group was brought together to think through refinements to the site plan. The initial meeting included representation from SMMA, Daedalus, the administrative team, the Conservation Commission, Parks & Recreation, the Roadway & Traffic Committee, the Cycling Safety Committee, and the SBC. The group will examine site related issues and bring ideas and recommendations to the SBC for its consideration.

Meeting Reminder

The SBC’s first meeting of 2019 is tomorrow night (Wednesday, January 9th) at 7:00pm, Hartwell multipurpose room. It is a full agenda!

As a reminder, SBC agendas can always be found by using the link on the left hand side of the home page (scroll down a bit), or by going to the School Committee section of the Lincoln Public Schools’ website.

Rule #10…Revisited…

“It never gets easier, you just go faster.”  

– attributed to Greg LeMond, Rule #10,

You may remember this cycling quote from our blog post after June 9th…It is equally appropriate now! Given all that will get accomplished between now and the end of April, it is the perfect message to get the SBC and design teams through the work ahead! So, once again, grab a power bar, fill your water bottle, and get ready to shift gears – here we go!

Welcome Consigli!

Consigli was chosen as the project’s construction team.  Since we are using a “Construction Manager at Risk” model, Consigli is now on board and part of this new phase, and they will see the project through to completion. Dave Curry, Director of Pre Construction and Estimating, and Christian Riordan, Project Executive, joined the SBC at its meeting last week. Visit the Project Team page to meet all of our design, OPM, and SBC members.

What’s Ahead?

We are now embarking on an intensive Design Development (DD) process that will take us through April 2019. The full schedule of meetings is posted on the home page.

The DD phase develops and finalizes the key architectural and engineering components.

  • At the end of DD there is another round of cost estimates to ensure the project is on budget.
  • At the end of April, the Construction Documents phase will begin. 

Working with Town Boards:

  • The SBC and design team will work through a set of permitting requirements in conjunction with several town boards:
    • Conservation Commission
    • Historical Commission
    • Planning Board
  • Power Purchase Agreement Working Group:  The School Committee will appoint a working group, which will include representation from the Green Energy Committee and the Finance Committee, to develop the PPA. This work will be in collaboration with the SBC and design/construction team.

In addition, there will be an Educational Leadership working group, comprised of school leaders, that will work with the design team throughout the DD process. Also, as they did at the start of the feasibility study process, SMMA will meet with mulitple faculty groups at the start of the DD phase.

Finally, there will be a Logistics Working Group, comprised of representatives from SMMA, Daedalus, Consigli, and school and SBC leadership. This group will meet regularly throughout DD.

How can community members stay up to date?

Here is a “level of interest” guide to get you through the next several months:

“Big milestones…”

  • Update at Annual Town Meeting, Saturday, March 23, 2019.
  • April 24, 2019 SBC Meeting: Final cost estimate before Construction Documents phase begins.

” I want to keep track of the details…”

“I want to be fully involved…”

  • Please come to SBC meetings!
  • This is an intense, complex, iterative process, and each meeting will advance us further.
  • Watch the meetings on the town video website.

Do you have ideas for the website?

The website has been changed around a bit to reflect this new phase. Do you have suggestions to make it easier to navigate? Contact the Outreach Team at!

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