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“The Industrial Age gave us the assembly line…

“…It also instilled the philosophy that education — and the school buildings where learning happens — needed to mimic that style of design, with facilities built around long corridors that file students into boxlike classrooms filled with rows of desks…But in the 21st century, education is moving away from the assembly-line mentality, encouraging students to collaborate, work hands-on, explore their environment, and continually engage with fresh ideas.”

—excerpted from How Architecture Boosts 21st Century Learning  Please take a moment to read this article from “The T74,” a non-partisan, non-profit site covering education in America.

The January 23rd Community Workshops presented a range of concepts for the Lincoln School project. Each concept would address the minimum needs of the school in order to comply with current safety, systems, and structural codes. The degree to which the infrastructure is upgraded, as well as the degree to which our 21st century goals are met, varies with each option:

So far, we’ve gotten feedback about the concepts from 119 community members and faculty — and we want to hear from you! Please click on the image to watch a video presentation of the five project concepts, and then click here to fill out the Survey Monkey feedback form. Responses are due by midnight, Friday, February 2nd.

More conversation…

  • Grab some friends and neighbors and join members of the SBC at Bemis Hall on Friday, February 9th, 9:30am! This is an opportunity to provide feedback and answer questions in an informal group setting.
  • Next set of SBC Community Workshops on Tuesday, March 13th!

Want to learn more about the relationship between design and 21st century education?


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