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Town Meeting Wrap Up

About 700 Lincoln voters attended Town Meeting yesterday! Of those, 120 filled out the Campus Projects Feedback Form, and 110 answered Question 1 (please refer to the feedback form below).  Here’s what they said:

  • 36 respondents (33%) said they preferred Campus Layout #1 
  • 73 (66%) said they preferred Campus Layout #2
  • 1 (1%) person preferred Campus Layout #3

If you did not have the opportunity to respond, please contact the SBC with your comments/questions (this will be a private message), or click the “comments” button at the end of this post (this will be a public comment).

March 30th – SBC forum at the Council on Aging, 10am, Bemis Hall

April 10th – Community Workshops: See you at either 8 – 10am, or 7 – 9pm, Reed/Brooks Gym.

April 30th – Multi Board Meeting (details, TBA)


Feedback Form, 2018 Town Meeting

1 Comment

  • I do not support the options that are designated as “full program, FPC” that include hub space for grades K, 1 and 2. I feel that this additional space drives what is already an extremely costly project to untenable cost levels. The Fincom has told us that they feel that total borrowing for the school and community center projects above $100 million could jeopardize our AAA bond rating. If that occurs, the higher interest rates on the debt would make the total project cost even higher than the initial price tag would suggest. The impact on property taxes of a $95 million school building project is extreme enough and will be difficult for many of us to absorb. In addition, I question the value of the hubs for K-2. I am not convinced that young children, such as those entering kindergarten, will benefit from access to a hub as opposed to spending their classroom time in a more stable unchanging single classroom setting. I urge the SBC to drop these options from consideration prior to the June 2018 special town meeting.

Thoughts? Comments? Questions?