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We’re looking for feedback…Have we heard yours?

Thank you to the approximately 125 community members who came to the January 23rd Community Workshops! It was great to see, and hear from, such a cross-section of the town. The workshops served as an important checkpoint as we collectively move closer to choosing a project and budget at the JUNE 9th SPECIAL TOWN MEETING.
If you were unable to attend, you still have the opportunity to weigh in — grab some popcorn, watch the video, and fill out your feedback form! Deadline to fill out the form is the end of the day Friday, February 2nd

Advance to a Chapter:
  • Finance Committee Presentation – 3:25
  • SMMA: Educational Programming – 12:35
  • SMMA: Context for Current Options – 19:13
  • Daedalus: Cost and Market Conditions – 24:43
  • SMMA: Current Options – 29:07
  • SMMA: Repair Only and Renovation Only – 31:27
  • SMMA: Option A1.1 – 35:11
  • SMMA: Option A3.4 – 39:51
  • SMMA: Option A6 – 46:22



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