Thank you to the approximately 125 community members who came to the January 23rd Community Workshops! It was great to see, and hear from, such a cross-section of the town. The workshops served as an important checkpoint as we collectively move closer to choosing a project and budget at the JUNE 9th SPECIAL TOWN MEETING.
If you were unable to attend, you still have the opportunity to weigh in — grab some popcorn, watch the video, and fill out your feedback form! Deadline to fill out the form is the end of the day Friday, February 2nd

Advance to a Chapter:
  • Finance Committee Presentation – 3:25
  • SMMA: Educational Programming – 12:35
  • SMMA: Context for Current Options – 19:13
  • Daedalus: Cost and Market Conditions – 24:43
  • SMMA: Current Options – 29:07
  • SMMA: Repair Only and Renovation Only – 31:27
  • SMMA: Option A1.1 – 35:11
  • SMMA: Option A3.4 – 39:51
  • SMMA: Option A6 – 46:22


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