SBC Members

Chris Fasciano

Chair, SBC

Kim Bodnar

Vice-Chair, SBC

Tim Christenfeld

School Committee Chair, SBC member

Buck Creel

Administrator for Business & Finance, SBC member

Jennifer Glass

Board of Selectmen, SBC member

Michael Haines

Town Facilities Manager, SBC member

Gina Halsted

Finance Committee, SBC member

Sharon Hobbs

Principal, Lincoln School Grades 5-8, SBC member

Becky McFall

Superintendent, SBC member

Craig Nicholson

SBC member

Peter Sugar

SBC member

Steven Perlmutter

SBC member

SBC Liaisons

Doug Adams

Liaison, Historical Commission, (Andrew Glass, Alternate)

Owen Beenhouwer

Liaison, Community Center Preliminary Planning & Design Committee

Christine Dugan

Liaison, Conservation Commission

Andrew Glass

Liaison, Historical Commission

Ruth Ann Hendrickson

Liaison, Water Commission

Ed Lang

Liaison, Green Energy Committee

Dan Pereira

Liaison, Parks & Recreation Department

John Ritz

Liaison, Disabilities Commission

Ian Spencer

Liaison, Public Safety

Gary Taylor

Liaison, Planning Board

Peter von Mertens

Liaison, Conservation Commission (Christine Dugan, Alternate)

OPM and Design Teams

Richard Marks

Founder and President, Daedalus, Inc.

Alicia Monks

Project Manager, Daedalus, Inc.

Shane Nolan

Senior Project Manager, Daedalus, Inc.

Joel Seeley

Project Manager, SMMA

Martine Dion

Principal; Director of Sustainable Design

Andrew Oldeman

Principal; Vice President; Director of Engineering; Mechanical Engineer

Alex Pitkin

Principal in Charge, SMMA

Keith Fallon

Principal, Educational Programming, Ewing Cole

Jennifer Soucy

Senior Associate; Project Architect

Samantha Farrell

Associate; Landscape Architect

Construction Team

Dave Curry

Director of Pre Construction and Estimating

Christian Riordan

Project Executive

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