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Impact on Education

How does a building impact education? This page offers information about FAQ’s such as: What do you mean by 21st century education? What are hubs? Does a different space configuration change teaching and learning? What are the educational goals of the Lincoln Public Schools? If, after browsing these resources, you think of other questions, contact us!
Each year the Administration and School Committee, with community input, refine the District Strategic Plan.  Click on the image to see the plan for 2018-2019.
A  reading list provided by our design team.
Click here to watch Hanscom Middle School faculty talk about how the new building has changed the way they work with each other.
Click here to hear Hanscom faculty talk about the impact of the building on students.
Click here to learn more about the impact on learning.
Watch a Hanscom educator talk about how the building supports students with special needs.
In this video Hanscom teachers talk about hub spaces.  In the video they refer to them as “breakout” spaces.
A 4th grade teacher talks about how she uses her spaces.

HMS faculty discuss use of the Commons space in the middle school.

HMS faculty talk about the arts in the Middle School.
A short video about the classroom spaces at Hanscom.
Faculty members talk about some of the building’s challenges in this video.

Learn More: Videos & Documents

Blog: Designing a School Makerspace Video: Engaging Students in Meaningful Work Video: Changing the Subject Video: The Maker Movement

Documents – Educational Vision

Blog Posts: Educational Vision

What’s new?

As Phase 2 of the Lincoln School project takes shape, let’s take a look at some of the new features of the Primary School: Preschool is moving out of the Hartwell building and into the school! For the first time, all of our grades, preK – 8, will be together under one roof. This will […]

May SBC Meeting on Wednesday

Want to get the latest update on the project? Join us for the SBC meeting on Wednesday, May 11 @7:00pm. The agenda and Zoom link can be found here.

According to our students…

Thank you to Mathias, Nina, Camille, Lucy, Eliana, Cadence, Montana, and Samantha for sharing their observations about the renovated Middle School! The School Building Committee met last Wednesday. Click here to see the slides from the meeting. Join us at the State of the Town Meeting on Monday, November 1st to get an update on […]

At Every Step…

…We are reminded that the school project is a complicated renovation. Along the way, lessons have been learned and are being applied to the second phase of construction. Here is one highly visible example: When the Middle School was renovated, the existing exterior walls were preserved in many places. Because we are super-insulating the school, […]

School Tour!

Get ready for photos! On August 12th, SBC members were treated to a tour of the renovated Middle School. Building inspections were completed earlier in the week and faculty will be able to move into their classrooms starting on Monday, August 16th. The map below shows the tour route, and there are photos below that […]

Thank you!

Our thanks to everyone who came to Town Meeting! Residents overwhelmingly approved funds for new furniture and technology (FF&E) and the use of Community Preservation Act funds to build the new preK and Lincoln School Commons playgrounds as originally designed. These investments will have a very positive impact on our students and the wider community. […]

How it’s going…where it will end!

Phase 1 of the Lincoln School renovation is getting to the point where we can really envision the results! Below are comparisons that show current construction photos of the Dining Commons, new Reed connector, and the Auditorium versus renderings of the finished products.  The SBC met last Wednesday, click here to see the project update […]

The Library Begins to Transform…

…into our new Dining Commons! One big change coming to the school is that it will have a full kitchen and a dedicated Dining Commons. How will this impact the school? Gyms will be available for classes all day — no more converting them into lunch areas for half the day; provides more scheduling flexibility […]

This Time Was Different…

Over the past 18 months, the SBC has gone through several rounds of lengthy and difficult decision-making to cut costs and keep the project on budget. At each step we used our core project values to make tough choices, and through the 90% construction document phase, we were able to make cuts without impinging on those […]

Special Town Meeting – March 28th

In the wake of the February 12 meeting when the SBC had to cut $3.5M of scope out of the project to keep it on time and on budget, the SBC met this past Monday morning to discuss options.  At that meeting, the SBC voted to pursue funding for the restoration of key project elements.   This […]

Budget Update

We are pleased to report that we’ve completed value engineering (VE) for the “90% Construction Document” phase. Our school building project remains on time and within budget. The next steps (proceeding through December) include finalizing plans and the 100% Construction Document drawings (Bid Documents) in preparation for soliciting sub-trade bids.   Just as we did at the […]

A Look Inside…

…at Plans for the Interior At this Wednesday’s SBC meeting (January 23rd, 7:00pm, Hartwell multipurpose room), the SBC will spend the bulk of the meeting reviewing updated floor plans, interior design, and interior materials. Cost Check: After the December vote, Consigli came on board as our Construction Manager. Since then, they have been examining the building and […]

Meeting Reminder

The SBC’s first meeting of 2019 is tomorrow night (Wednesday, January 9th) at 7:00pm, Hartwell multipurpose room. It is a full agenda! As a reminder, SBC agendas can always be found by using the link on the left hand side of the home page (scroll down a bit), or by going to the School Committee […]


Click the image to play the video (and turn on the volume!) And if you weren’t able to make it to Town Meeting on Saturday, and want to watch the presentations or hear the questions, you can watch it here!

This is a Community Project

Over the past 19 months, the Lincoln School project has been forged by the willingness of residents with a wide range of values, priorities, expertise, opinions, and viewpoints to come together to try to collaboratively solve an incredibly complex problem. The goal of the SBC has been to create a process and a platform for […]

Educational Value(s)…and Some Financial FAQs…

Each year, with input from the community, the Lincoln School Committee and Administrative Team set strategic priorities for the district. These priorities guide professional development and collaboration in the Lincoln School and in the Hanscom Schools. Since the new Hanscom Middle School opened in 2016, the district has had the opportunity to see how a […]


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