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Raising the Curtain…

This is it!  The moment we’ve all been waiting for!  November 4th is your opportunity to see and weigh in on some initial design concepts for the Lincoln School.

First, what is State of the Town? 

SOTT is an annual opportunity for Lincoln residents to ask questions about the work of Town boards and committees, and to raise topics and ideas that they would like to see addressed. It gives Town boards and committees the chance to provide updates on projects and policies, and to preview decisions residents will be asked to make at the Annual Town Meeting in March. (This year it’s on March 24th — SAVE THE DATE!) 

Why attend?

  • Since May: The SBC and the design team have gathered a lot of information!
    • 18 School Building Committee meetings
    • 13 Outreach Committee meetings; 1 Community Survey (360 responses!); 4th of July Parade
    • 4 Community Workshops; 14 hours at the Transfer Station and Soccer; 2 Curriculum Night presentations
    • 5 Campus Coordination Group meetings
    • 2 days of work with faculty and administrators; 3 workshops with students
    • Tours of 5 area schools
    • Based on this work and your input, SMMA/EwingCole are ready to unveil their initial design concepts.
  • This is just the start of the design process, but your feedback now will start to shape the project.
  • From 9:00 – 10:30, SOTT will be focused on the Lincoln School AND Community Center projects.
    • From 10:30 – 11:40 a number of other Town topics are on the agenda.
    • Please stick around – If we don’t get to your questions before 10:30, there is more time to talk about the campus projects during “Open Forum” from 11:40am – 12:30pm.

What You’ll Hear from Us:

  • Brief overviews from the School Building and Community Center committees.
  • Lincoln School, Town, Council on Aging, and Parks & Recreation administrators have been exploring the challenges and opportunities for shared spaces and programming – You’ll learn about their findings.
  • The Finance Committee will provide high-level financial context for the projects.
  • SMMA, Lincoln School designer, will introduce a range of initial concepts that explore building size, shape, and location of the Lincoln School
  • Maryann Thompson, Community Center designer, will present a series of photographs to start the conversation about aesthetic preferences.

What We Need from YOU:

  • Show up!
  • Participate in two feedback exercises:
    1. Weigh in on the Lincoln School design concepts.
    2. Provide input about design elements you think reflect Town values and are appropriate for the campus.

Later this Week:

This will be a lot of information to absorb in 90 minutes! – On Thursday we will send out the directions for the feedback exercises. We also hope to post images of the Lincoln School design concepts so that you can formulate your thoughts and questions.

Click here for the complete State of the Town Agenda!

See you on Saturday!


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